An hour on GitHub

An hour on github, visualization of events logged in one hour on 12 August 2014 on github.

Github the great social coding platform has gained an exemplary popularity since the last few years. Over seven million people use GitHub to build amazing things together. This visualize the events logged at Github on 12 August 2014.Three js is used to create the scenes and animation. All the public activities logged in Github can be found on GitHub Archive. GitHub Archive is a project by Ilya Grigorik which record the public GitHub timeline and make it easily accessible for further analysis. It has some really cool API to get the data in json format from the archive. Those APIs are used to get the data of that particular date.

Each activity is represented as particle and arranged in different primitive shapes to visualize it. Switch the views by top Hour, Languages, Events button to see how each activities relation. Hour is a representation of events in each 30sec block and found an average of around 120 events are happening in each 30 seconds. Languages give a clear picture of leading languages in which the activities are tagged to. Out of the total 13K events I found the leading ones are as follows 3017-JavaScript , 1568-Python, 1407-Java, 1142-Ruby, 1032-PHP, 966-CSS, 885-C++, 682-C, 371-C#, 369-Shell .. etc. I used the same colour for spheres what Github used to represent in the website. We can get this colors from the project github-colors. Events spiral uses random colours to fill it :).

Drag the screen to rotate and scroll to zoom it. Play with it let me know your thoughts, Enjoy :)

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